Calf Catcher for ATV

We manufacture and sell the gray ATV calf catcher.  This calf catcher is different than the others on the market. (There is another company making a gray calf catcher now.  Our design will out perform any other calf catcher out there.)

The Gray ATV Calf Catcher is made of very high quality.  It has been proven time and time again over all types of terrain.  This catcher is all welded construction, can be mounted to any ATV, has 4’x6’8″ Cage with walk through opening from ATV to Cage, optional calf holder.

The Gray ATV catcher is easy on and off, has foot pedal door release, front swivel wheel for less drag, 11″ ground clearance, jack stand to keep cage upright when unhooked, can be taken apart to fit on back of standard pickup box, adjustable mounts – front and rear.

For more information contact Dave at 605-380-6310.
Thank you

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