The Original Gray ATV Calf Catcher

We manufacture and sell the original gray ATV calf catcher.  This calf catcher is different than the others on the market. (Our design will out perform any other calf catcher out there because we have been building these catchers for over 10 years. unlike people who are copying our design.  We have taken the advise of many ranchers and have made many improvements throughout the years. )

Benefits of our calf catcher:

  • Guards against protective mother cow!
  • Sold throughout the US and Canada
  • Built to last! Durable, all welded quality construction!
  •  Tested and Proven in multiple terrains!
  •  Quick mount & dismount on ATV units!
  •  We have been building these calf catchers for over 10 years and have multiple testimonials.

The Gray ATV Calf Catcher is made of very high quality.  It has been proven time and time again over all types of terrain.  This catcher is all welded construction, can be mounted to any ATV, has 4’x6’8″ Cage with walk through opening from ATV to Cage, optional calf holder.

The Gray ATV catcher is easy on and off, has foot pedal door release, front swivel wheel for less drag, 11″ ground clearance, jack stand to keep cage upright when unhooked, can be taken apart to fit on back of standard pickup box, adjustable mounts – front and rear.

For more information contact Dave at 605-380-6310.
Thank you

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One Response to The Original Gray ATV Calf Catcher

  1. Dale Wangler says:

    I purchased this product 2 weeks ago and it has been a very good investment. March of 2013 has been extremely cold here in northern ND and I’ve used it to move newborn calves to the barn over very rough ground, frozen cow pies, you name it. this outfit works as claimed and I’ve allready wished I had this 20 yrs. ago! after warming the calves, I used it again to transport them back out to their mothers. I needed to leave the farm for a few hrs. today to meet with my tax man, my wife called and said she had checked the cows and one had calved. when I returned home, I noticed the four wheeler was in a different spot then where I had left it. I asked her what she used to check the cows, she replied, “The 4 wheeler.”

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