Product Info

Calf Catcher  (Patent Pending)

The calf catcher is made of very high quality, all welded construction.  It has been tested over multiple terrains including hills, rocks, holes, flat ground, etc.  The catcher has the ranchers safety in mind.  The cage protects the rancher from the cow when working the calf.  The cow can smell and see the calf through the cage.

Calf Carrier


There is also an optional back gate and calf carrier.  We hardly ever sell a catcher without this option.  It is very useful when the rancher has to haul the calf to another lot.  The calf carrier folds down.  This is handy so if the rancher does not want to work on the ground, the calf can be put on the carrier (when opened).  When the calf needs to be transported, the rancher closes the calf carrier to keep the calf inside.  When the calf is in the lot that the rancher wants, the back gate can be opened without getting off the ATV and the calf can step out.  The cow will follow because she can see, hear and smell the calf.

Mounting the Catcher onto ATV

The calf catcher is very easy to hook on and off of the ATV.  It has a 2″ ball that mounts to the front of the ATV and another 2″ ball that mounts on the back of the ATV.  This helps to stabilize the catcher and make the calf catcher and ATV move as one unit.  The front hitch swings out to let the ATV drive away after unhooked with ease.  A jack stand is also included.  This also helps with the hooking on and off process as the catcher does not need to be lifted off of the ground.  It will always stand upright as long as the jack stand is put down when unhooking.