The Original Gray ATV Calf Catcher


This calf catcher is different than the others on the market.  David personally makes every one of these calf catchers himself.  He makes sure every catcher is perfect before he says it’s completed.  It’s the Original gray ATV calf catcher.   (Our design will out perform any other calf catcher out there because we have been building these catchers for over 14 years. unlike people who are copying our design.  We have taken the advise of many ranchers and have made many improvements throughout the years. )  We ship the calf catcher all over the United States and Canada.

Benefits of our calf catcher:

  • Guards against protective mother cow
  • Very quiet, as to not spook the cattle
  • Built to last. durable, all welded quality construction
  •  Tested and Proven in multiple terrains
  •  Quick mount & dismount on ATV units
  •  We have been building these calf catchers for over 14 years and have multiple testimonials.

The Gray ATV Calf Catcher is made of very high quality.  It has been proven time and time again over all types of terrain.  This catcher is all welded construction, can be mounted to any ATV, has 4’x6’8″ Cage with walk through opening from ATV to cage, optional calf holder.  Due to the all welded construction, it is very quiet as to not scare the cows.

The Gray ATV catcher is easy on and off, has foot pedal door release, front swivel wheel for less drag, 11″ ground clearance, jack stand to keep cage upright when unhooked, can be taken apart to fit on back of standard pickup box, adjustable mounts – front and rear.

We will be making a new video this spring  This video is older, but it does show how the calf catcher works   Thanks for your interest.  You will not be disappointed in this catcher.

At only $1,800.00 (this includes everything, including the balls) you can’t go wrong with this calf catcher.  It’s cheaper than a hospital bill.

For more information contact Dave at 605-380-6310.

Thank you


8 Responses to The Original Gray ATV Calf Catcher

  1. Roland Webb Webb Farms says:

    This looks like the best safe calf catcher I have seen yet

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    • Roland Webb Webb Farms says:

      received my catcher yesterday took about 30 minutes to put wheels and peddle on this looks really good. I’m 75 yrs old and will help me catch new born calves to tag and work them. I think this is a really good investment

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  2. Ron His Horse Is Thunder says:

    Bought one seven weeks ago. Best investment I’ve made to help during calving! I used to drive up on them when they were newborns, and my wife would keep the mommas distracted while I tagged. But there were always a few mean mommas, or calves we didn’t find until they were a few days old, and trying to catch them was always a problem; we use to have to separate them from the herd (a real hassle-time wasted)) and push them into the corral, then separate momma from the calf (another hassle-time). I love it, and better yet, my wife loves it! Also, we can separate the newborns and their mommas from the expectant cows. I showed it to my neighbor and he bought one the next week.

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  3. tjustice says:

    I’m interested! I’m s single man cow operation and this looks a lot better than playing rign around the flatbed with momma. do you make them to atv specific? and what cost shipped to 73075


    • debheyd says:

      What kind of 4 wheeler do you have? We do run into trouble with newer Polaris 4 wheelers because they don’t have the metal front rack. It’s only plastic, which won’t stand up. To this zip code it’s $382 for shipping. It will come on a semi on a pallet.


  4. tjustice says:

    A Polaris sportsmann


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