Dave’s Welding Innovations has been in business for over 17 years.  We manufacture and sell the “Original” Gray ATV calf catcher, and single and double bale spears.  We are a family owned business with cattle of our own.  We know what it is like to be chased or taken down by a cow when trying to work the calf.  We have had many, many testimonials of ranchers that tell us that they don’t know how they every got along without a calf catcher in the past and they will not ranch without one again.  We are also told that this catcher is made of the highest quality.

Dave was born and raised on a farm.  He would rather work with cattle than do anything else.  Over 17 years ago, he had a calling to help  keep the rancher out of harms way from the cow.

We are very sure that you will not be disappointed in this calf catcher or any of  the other products that Dave manufactures.  He takes great pride in building products that will help people out in the business that he loves, ranching.